A One Day Workshop on Current Day Practices in Civil Engineering was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering, Kolkata on August 22, 2019.
The workshop aimed at discussion on the global needs to become a successful Civil Engineer and training on how we can rehabilitate an existing structure without much damage. The objectives of workshop were to familiarise students about the scenario of Civil Engineering in the whole world and approaches to be followed to lead this branch of Engineering and also to train them about the advanced methodology which are being followed for the repair and rehabilitation of high rise building, bridges and Ancient structures etc.

The seminar started with the welcome address by Dr. T. Senthil Vadivel, HOD of Civil Engineering department. Dr. Madhusudan Chakraborty, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Adamas University inaugurated the program and given his presidential address. Prof. Shankari P Ghosh, Dean of School of Engineering and Technology, felicitated the gathering after giving an encouraging speech towards students.

Mr. Rudraprasad Bhattacharya, Graduate Teaching Assistant and Research Scholar of Vanderbilt University delineated the process of how one can identify and design their objectives and goals to shine their career and what are the scopes available in the global market of Civil Engineering. He also showed the pathway of success in different field of civil engineering.

Mr. Chandrachudha Bhattacharya (Chartered Engineer, C.E. Consultant) discussed about the Modern Technologies and instruments available for various non-destructive testing to assess the health condition of structure and trained them about the application procedure of advanced repairing materials and rehabilitation techniques.

Dr. T. Senthil. Vadivel, HOD of Department of Civil Engineering, shared his in-depth knowledge on current day civil engineering practices by delivering a fascinating lecture on advanced concrete and construction practices which at the end of the workshop aroused more interest among students about the behaviour of High-Performance Concrete and new age construction techniques.

Workshop successfully ended with vote of thanks and certificate distribution to the Participants.

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