What are the eligibility criteria of this course, its duration, and the learning scope?

i)For HS:
60% overall in 10+2 with PM + Chem./BT/Biology/Technical Vocational (with 45%).
ii) For Lateral Entry:
B.Sc. (45%) and 10+2 with Maths and Diploma (45%).

  • School of Engineering & Technology is offering Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral courses.
  • At Undergraduate level, we are offering B. Tech which is a 4-year-program having 8 semesters.
  • At Post-Graduate level, we are offering M. Tech which is a 2-year-program having 4 semesters.
  • At Doctoral level, we are offering Ph.D. where the scholars need to engage themselves for a period of minimum 3 years or 6 semesters.

Learning Scope:

  • an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, engineering science, and engineering professional core and elective subjects.
  • an ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.
  • an ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • an ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  • an ability to understand professional and ethical responsibility as well as the importance of professional licensure.
  • an ability to use the techniques, skill, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • an ability to learn basic concepts in management, business, public policy, and leadership.

For Details Courses and Eligibility Click through the Link Below :

Courses and Eligibility

What is Adamas providing that other colleges aren't?

  • School provides a repertoire of transformative educational experiences to each student like Communication and Collaboration, Design thinking, Avant Grade (Capstone) and Interdisciplinary Projects, Professional Ethics, Adamas Foundation (CSR Activity) and professional core and elective subjects in Engineering.
  • These programs are designed in such a way that students are enabled to acquire the technical skills as well as to enhance their communication skills, learning skills by projects,  and to understand moral ethics in profession and growing social responsibilities.

What other hands-on training facilities relevant to this course are available on the campus?

Following Hands on training facilities are available in various discipline,

  • Mechanical Engineering– Well equipped and advanced facilities in Automobile, CNC, Machine Shop, Welding shop, Dynamics Lab, Fluid Lab etc. Already few hands-on training programmes has been conducted in our campus like AUTORANDRE, MECHSENSE etc. with collaboration of Skyfi Lab.
  • Electrical Engineering- Well equipped and advanced facilities in Electrical machine Lab, Signal & Networking Lab, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Power System Lab, Electrical Drives Lab etc. which is used to conduct various hands on training in our campus. Already few hands-on training programmes has been conducted in our campus like Electrical Drives Control with PLC & SCADA with collaboration of Star Digitech Pvt. Ltd. etc.
  • Civil Engineering– Well equipped and advanced facilities in Surveying Lab, Civil Engineering Materials Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, Transportation Engineering Lab, Engineering Geology Lab etc. which is used to conduct various hands on training in our campus. Already few hands-on training programmes has been conducted in our campus like A Workshop on Application of Advanced Tools in Civil Engineering, MS Project-Project Management etc with collaboration of various industries.
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering– Well equipped and advanced facilities in Electronics Technology Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Semiconductor Devices Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Antenna & Wave Propagation Lab, VLSI System Design Lab etc. which is used to conduct various hands on training in our campus. Already few hands-on training programmes has been conducted in our campus like PCB GURU, LaTeXpert etc
  • Computer Science Engineering– Well equipped and advanced facilities in Programming and Data Structure Lab, Operating System and Computer Networks Lab, Database Management System Lab, Computer Architecture Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Machine Learning Lab, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Lab, Data Science and Big Data Lab, Network Security and Cryptography Lab which is used to conduct various hands on training in our campus. Already few hands-on training programs have been conducted in our campus.

What are the different career paths the student can choose after?

Basically, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, the career paths that are available for a student are

  • Service Industries
  • Core Industries
  • PSU
  • Entrepreneurship (Create own start up)
  • Higher studies (MBA/ M. Tech/ Ph.D.)

What’s the last 3 years’ placement percentage with average, highest package & which companies?

  • Total Organization: 84
  • Total Drive: 133
  • Exclusive CSE/BCA/MCA: 56
  • Highest Offer: 10 LPA (BYJU’S)
  • Average Offer: 3.78 LPA
  • Offer Done (at least One): 78 %
  • Offer Done (more than one): 19 %
  • 100 % internship as an integral part of course

How will lectures be delivered in a social distancing age? How will attendance be calculated? How will the tests happen?

  • In this age of Social Distancing, the motion of knowledge has not been hampered as online classes are being taken by the university on a scheduled basis with the help of platforms like Skype for Business, ZOOM, GOOGLE CLASSROOM etc.
  • Daily attendance of the online classes is being taken care by the respected faculty members by the help of TCS Online Portal where daily attendance is being recorded.
  • The assessments and exams are held with the help of TCS ION platform where the students can give online exam without any problem with minimum internet connection.

How will the student conduct practical experiments/hands-on training that happens during social distancing norms?

To maintain social distancing norms, students are doing their hands-on training through online mode like ZOOM, WEBEX App etc and practical experiments through virtual labs, lab practice videos and using various simulation software like- MATLAB, ANSYS, T-CAD, Packet Tracer, ns-3 etc.

Is advised to stay in a hostel or be a day scholar?

Truly speaking it is advisable to stay in hostel due to the various advantages that the University provides to the hostellers like library accessibility, laboratory accessibility and even time is not waste travelling in and out of University. RICE education has a professional center for IAS/IPS preparation, these facilities can be utilized if you are staying in hostel. Apart from this, Adamas provides a very flexible transport facility for the day scholars also

What is the role of the Career Development Cell during my studies?

They are responsible to arrange different service industries, core sector organizations and PSUs etc. for students to be appeared for the placement. They also provide different soft skill and emerging skill training, conduct some celeb talk, industry visit for us. During our end of 3rd year studies, the CDC has arranged for the multiple companies to complete our summer internship.

How does the School of Professional Studies help my studies?

For all Students of SOET, there are predominantly 2 aspirations:

  • Jobs
  • Higher Studies

CoPS offers preparatory courses on the following:

  • GATE
  • All Government Competitive Exams
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Personality Development and Facing Interviews
  • Short term Certificate Courses (AI, Block chain, DevOps, Data Science, et al.)

For Higher Studies:


Do I need pay additionally for taking courses with the School of Professional Studies?

All the preparatory courses would come along with additional cost. However, there would be a few of the developmental courses which would be complimentary.

Why Specialization courses are required in Engineering Graduate?

Engineers design the future. They provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of our modern world. From buildings and bridges, to apps and smart devices, to renewable energy, engineering feats are everywhere. To develop the skills and knowledge you need to get a head start in an engineering career that requires specialist skills and adaptability, or to give you the edge when applying for a research higher degree. This four year program is designed to give you an overall education in engineering as well as specialist knowledge in fields such as civil, software engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. You’ll graduate with comprehensive knowledge of engineering and a range of practical skills that mean you’ll be experienced and ready to work.

Why Capstone Project is required in Engineering Graduate?

A capstone project is designed to bring all aspects of an undergraduate student’s experience together by allowing students to apply the breadth of knowledge and skills they have learned. Traditionally in engineering curricula, this generally involves a major group and/or individual design project.

What exactly is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project or capstone experience involves the identification of an existing problem in a real-world setting and the application of learned skills and methods to develop a solution that addresses the problem directly. In some cases, a capstone project will be geared toward research, while others are more oriented toward problem-solving. Solutions are usually interactive, meaning they can be implemented and used.

What are the Goals of a Capstone Project?

Typically there are several goals for a capstone and they often include:

  • Defining an information problem or opportunity

  • Decide what techniques are required in order to master this information problem or opportunity

  • Include all aspects of the information problem – using people, technology and information

  • Make a positive difference for the community whether it is an Engineering Sector, school, library, hospital, or other organization.

  • Choose a topic or focus area the students are enthusiastic about.

What is a Capstone Project in Engineering Course Offered by the School of Engineering & Technology?

School of Engineering & Technology offered three Capstone Project for 1st year students-

    1. Smart City

    2. Autonomous Electrical Vehicles

    3. Arial Robot

What is “Beautiful Mind”

  • It is a learning method where students shall learn bound free.

  • No teacher, no instructor, only laboratories with equipment, library and internet facility.

  • Learn beside your regular course of UG or PG.

  • Here learning is project based only.

  • You can learn about a specific domain at a time through projects.

  • Anyone with the passion to learn and innovate can join.

How to learn through “Beautiful Mind”

  • You have to register into any one learning path out of six learning paths or domains given below:

    • Application Software Development

    • System Software Development

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    • Cloud Based Software Development

    • Mobile and Web Application Development

    • Internet of Things

  • After registering various problems will be given stage wise.

  • After clearing one stage the next stage will be activated.

  • Clearing every stage will generate certificate.

  • Final stage will generate “master” certificate.

  • Duration for every learning path is at least one year.