An Industrial Visit was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering for the M.Tech Construction Engineering and Management students on 27th January, 2020 to VoltaGreen structure one of the leading company in Pre-Engineered Structure. The visit was meant to familiarise the students with the advanced construction procedures integrated with smart management practices of the leading industry in India.

The visit to VoltaGreen Structure on 27th January, 2020 was accompanied by the faculty team Dr. T. Senthil Vadivel, Mr. Sayandip Ganguly and Ms. Mousumi Ghosh. On 27th January, the visit was started with an Internationally known Pharmaceutical Company, Biological E. Limited in which VoltaGreen Structure constructed one of their Pre-Engineered Building project. The Manager of VoltaGreen structure introduced us with the site engineer who guided our students about the construction of the pre-engineered building after the brief explanation of safety measures need to be practiced in a construction site. Later we were taken to an undergoing construction site along with all PPE (Personal Protective equipment). Here are some glimpses from the undergoing construction site of Biological E. Limited.

In the second half we visited the factory of VoltaGreen Structure where they manufacture, test and supply various steel section as per the requirements. There our students were trained by technical head to fabricate steel section, operate UTM machine to obtain stress-strain curve, test chemical components of steels etc. At the end of visit our students presented their experiences in a conference room in front of the engineers, manager and technical staffs of the company. The manager ended the session with a valedictory speech to motivate our students towards their goal. At around 6.00 PM the visit concluded.
Here are some glimpses of the Industrial visit at VoltaGreen structure.

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