On 27-11-2019 (Wednesday from 2:15 Pm to 5:00 PM), the Department of ECE along with its IETE students’ forum organized a guest lecture on Introduction to dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRA’s) by Dr. Koushik Dutta (IEEE Senior member, and Student Activity Chair, IEEE Kolkata Section). The event was sponsored jointly by IETE, New Delhi and the Dept. of ECE, Adamas University. Dr. Dutta enlightened the students and faculty members with his fundamental and advanced concepts of high frequency engineering and specifically DRA antennas. The audience appreciated his teaching and presentation skills. The session was extremely interactive between the students, the guest speaker and the faculty members. The feedback collected from the audience (students and faculty members) and the guest speaker verifies the success of the guest lecture. The lecture ended up with the delivery of a vote of thanks from Hon. H.O.D (ECE), where he especially thanked the students, the dignitaries from Adamas university, IETE New Delhi, Secretary (IETE, Kolkata Section), and Hon. Guest speaker.