Mr. Vijay Kumar started in his presentation that like any other country, waste management is a pressing issue in India, especially with the unceasing growth of consumerism throughout the nation. Interestingly, almost 60 per cent of the total plastic waste generated in India gets recycled while the remaining escapes into the environment. However, most of this plastic is down-cycled. At this juncture, India needs robust and stringent waste management tools to substantially improve the situation.

Discussed about the World Plastics Production Data followed by waste plastic management, plastic waste challenge for India, Newer Streams of Wastes – E Waste, Bio Medical Plastic Waste an Emerging Concern, Handling, Treatment & Disposal COVID 19 PPE Kits, Steps Involved in the Recycling Process, pandemic corona effect on recycling and finally ended with the applications.

He agreed any sorts of cooperation in relation with plastic and ended with Thanks.