Emotional quotient is a buzzword in recent times. Students need to learn the managerial skills to become a successful in their profession. So, to become a successful manager, a fair amount of intelligence quotient along with emotional intelligence is very much required.

We have heard about intelligence quotient, but we don’t know how emotionally we deal with any group or team for any project work or administrative work in a particular organization. Now we can easily say that the ability to manage emotions is measured through emotional quotient. Keep all these things in mind, our School of Engineering & Technology introduced this lab. Students can able to learn the required things from the main modules of this lab which mentioned below:

  1. The particular subject deals with Communication and Collaboration Skills. From where students can increase their communication skills and do their group projects or collaborative projects.
  2. It deals with Leadership Quality where a student can understand easily that how a leader should perform in a professional field.
  3. It deals with grooming, etiquette and body language. Also, a student gets to know about articulation and making an impact in front of audience.
  4. Various modules in this subject covers how student can be motivated to take interest, sharing or participating in group activities, empathize with peers, negotiation techniques. Also, some the modules deal with how a student learns to deal with criticism and conflict resolutions.