A two day workshop has been organized on “Advanced Robotics and Implementation of Computer Vision in the field of Robotics” by the Adamas University Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Club in association with IIT Kharagpur Robotics Club on 30th and 31st of March, 2018. Around 35 students participated in this workshop to learn about computer vision. After two days, students learned about how computer vision is applied in modern robotics. Few of them have already started working on this area. Advisor of the Vice Chancellor and Supervisor of Robotics Club, Professor S.K. Pabi, Co-ordinator, Ms. Rupanwita Das Mahapatra and student members were present on both days

The team of Robotix comprised of five students of IIT Kharagpur:
• Anvee Naik (2nd year, Dept of Mathematics, Head of Robotix Club)
• Shivansh Mundra (2nd yr, Mechanical)
• Mohit Singh (1st year, Mechanical)
• Tanya Sneh(1st year, Electrical)

Day 1the workshop dealt with Image Processing (Robots dealing with Image) wherein the students were introduced to the functioning, making, basics & the concepts of computer vision-based Robot. A Image Processing Based Robotwas also demonstrated to the students. Looking at the interest and the eagerness of the participating students to know more about the bot, the team of Robotix decided to handover Bot to our Club. All students of the university irrespective of their particular domain are encouraged to have a look at the bot and learn about it.

Day 2 dealt with Machine Learning: regression, classification, supervised learning and introduction to convolutional neural network. The team from IIT gave a whole-hearted effort to make each participant familiar with the technologies and programs used to manufacture as well as function the bots under this category.
Prerequisites for the workshop were: Basic knowledge of C++ and python, Linear Algebra

The workshop concluded on 31-03-2017 with Professor Pabi presenting each member of team Robotix with a certificate and memento in gratitude, on behalf of the University. Participants from Adamas University also received certificates from mentors of Robotix club, IIT,Kharagpur.