Adamas Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Club Organized a Seminar on Awareness of Robotics and its various applications for Adamas World School Students on 27th April 2019 at Robotics Club Room. Around 60 students of various classes were present along with a Class Teacher . Our Active student members presented their projects and explained in such a way that school students correlated their Physics ,Mathematics learning with the real time work. They took interest on participating a hands on Workshop session.Our Robotics club students also agreed to conduct a one day workshop for world school students on month of August. Students were very excited to see and learn about the projects.

Our club students took initiative to conduct this seminar with school students to promote awareness About Robotics and its future .Finally they are successful. We are thankful to Chairman sir for providing us a School inside University campus. We are again thankful to Vice Chancellor sir of University ,Principal Mam of Adamas World School and Rajib Bishnu Sir for their constant Support.