The final year B.Tech (Civil Engineering) and M.Tech (I Year) students of Adamas University visited a Sewage treatment plant located in Rajarhat, Action area 2C, Newtown. The capacity of the plant is 31 MLD. This is a project of W.B. HIDCO executed by Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Govt. of West Bengal. Sewage water stored in a master pit (placed at a depth of 7m from the ground level) obtained from the entire Newtown area. Using 6 number of 45 KW and 4 number of 22 KW pumps with a common header used to maintain the flow of sewage. 10 number of aerators are used to supply air to the sewage water so that growth of microbial can be promoted and settling is ensured by means of flock formation (activated sludge). Sludge then again re-circulated. After the completion of entire treatment process of sewage water biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of water is checked and after attaining BOD value 14 mg/lit (ppm) the treated water is delivered to Bagjola canal.