Design Thinking

How many of you have heard about an MRI machine, or an Incubator? I am sure many, but do you know how, why or rather for whom it is designed? If it triggers your mind then surely this is the place: Design Thinking


  • This module solely focuses on innovative methods where students get to learn about various technologies, how to implement them and execute those in real life.
  • It also looks into the creation of various other things for e.g. AIR BNB, designing of Incubators, subway platforms and many more.
  • Students get to learn about ideation, four category methods, how to redefine a problem and then solve it.
  • By keeping in mind, the customer’s needs each design will have its own unique ideas, and this module shall help the students to nurture those ideas, empathise with a certain problem and learn about conceptual designing.
  • Finally, they learn about Empathy Mapping, by going to the source of the problem, ask questions through Five Whys method which will further help them to innovate and design a particular project.