B.Tech with Minor In Production Management

  1. Introduction to the course:

Minor in Production Management Course has been designed to offer to eligible candidate’s specialization in raw material, machinery and labour to produce the intended goods or services, while at the same time building competence in a particular area of business. The major aim of Production Management Course is to build the student competent business knowledge by advanced study of a general subject that include Manufacturing & Management. Along with specialization in subjects such as Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Production Planning, Lean Manufacturing & Total Quality Management. These would make them competent to gain recognition as a specialist in the industry. One of the principal objectives of Minor in Production Management Course is to prepare students to produce goods and services of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at minimum cost, as also for pursuing advanced research in the discipline. The course’s curriculum integrates the practical application of Fundamentals of Manufacturing Lab, Ergonomic Lab & Lean Manufacturing Lab.

  1. What are the learning outcomes?
  • Gaining knowledge about managing production processes.
  • How to run operations effectively.
  • Better understanding of modern production techniques.
  • Better understanding of quality management.
  • Management skills needed for the effective operations management.
  1. Subjects covered:
S. NoSemesteTypeCourse CodeCourse TitleLTPHrs/wkCredits
1IIITheoryEME42125Fundamentals of Manufacturing30033
2IIIPracticalEME42225Fundamentals of Manufacturing Lab00221
4IVPracticalEME42228Ergonomics Lab00221
5VTheoryEME43145Lean Manufacturing30033
6VPracticalEME43245Lean Manufacturing Lab00221
7VITheoryEME43148Production Planning30033
8VIPracticalEME43402Minor Programme Project00332
9VIITheoryEME44157Total Quality Management30033
  1. Lab Infrastructure (if applicable):
  • Fundamentals of Manufacturing Lab
  • Ergonomics Lab
  • Lean Manufacturing Lab
  1. Internships/Project work:

Benefits of internship for students:

  • An opportunity to get hired by the industry.
  • Practical experience in an organizational setting.
  • Excellent opportunity to see how the theoretical aspects learned in classes are integrated into the practical world. On-floor experience provide much more professional experience which is often worth more than classroom teaching.
  • Helps them decide if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and supplement knowledge.
  • Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  • Opportunity to learn strategies like time management, multi-tasking etc in an industrial setup.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and learn networking skills.
  • Make a valuable addition to their resume.
  • Creating network and social circle and developing relationship with industry people.
  1. Placement & Career Opportunities / Research Opportunities:

Career Development Cell offers an all-round career solution to the students. Centre guides the students to decide and pursue their dream careers in different sectors be it engineering, IT, Analytics, Consulting, research and development, Operations etc. The whole placement process is organised and executed by this centre. The campus interviews are held under the supervision and jurisdiction of this centre and relevant feedback is obtained from the industry. Career Development Cell works hard to arrange industrial internship, which is stipulated under the academic curriculum. The centre has kept a close liaison with many companies in the country. The centre also arranges career talks for dissemination of knowledge regarding the employment opportunities in the industry related to the relevant fields and interest of the students. Centre keeps record of the students who undergo internships and the companies which come for recruitment. In addition, Soft Skills Development Workshops are also organised to improve the communication skills of students. Centre encourages visits to the industries by the institute students and arranges industrial problems to be worked out by students as part of their projects. It also takes suggestions from members of the Industry regarding designing / changing of curriculum.


Career Development Cell takes care of:

  1. a) Career Development & Guidance Program
  2. b) Internship & Full Time Placement Activities
  3. c) Facilitate Pre-Placement visits to the companies
  4. d) Communication, Networking & Relationship Building with Potential Recruiters.
  1. Eligibility: 

60% overall in 10+2 with Science.

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