Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science

1.Introduction to the course

This is a fundamental course of computer science. This course introduces the computational science and its application in multi-dimensional aspects. This course builds up the research aptitude within a student gradually. B.Sc. in Comp Science will open-up an opportunity to student community to grab the degree in three years with a lesser fee. Accordingly, they will be placed in job market in three years of time.
All the candidates who wants to get into the software job quickly should attain this course. Students can also choose for post-graduation in computer science (M.Sc., M.C.A). This course emphasizes theoretical aspect and practical aspect equally so that a balance is maintained between fundamental concepts of computer science and it’s implementation.

2.What are the learning outcomes?

•To apply mathematical and computing theoretical concepts in solution of common computing applications, such as computing the order of an algorithm.
•To attain sufficient programming skills to write optimized programs which leads to efficient development of software.
•To demonstrate a depth of knowledge appropriate to graduate study and/or lifelong learning in that area. Students will able to comprehend materials in that area beyond those assigned in coursework.
•To prepared for a career in an information technology-oriented business or industry, or for post graduate study in computer science or other scientific or technical fields.


This is a regular course which comes with come advance courses and be treated as specialized courses:
a. Artificial Intelligence
b. Machine Learning
c. Computer Vision
d. Cryptography & Cyber Security
e. Internet of Things (IoT)
f. Cloud Computing
g. Deep Learning
h. AWS / Azure Cloud Computing Course

4.Lab Infrastructure (if applicable):

List of Laboratories:
a.Algorithm Lab
b.Operating System and Computer Network Lab
c.DBMS Lab
d.Computer Architecture Lab
e.Web Designing Lab
f.Computer Vision Lab
g.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab
h.Deep Learning Lab

5.Internships/Project work

•The internship is to be carried out at the end of 4th semester of study.
•The candidates are selected for internship by a campus selection process.
•Internship helps students to build field knowledge and to understand the flow of work in the industry.
•It enhances student’s motivation towards the course and career.

6.Placement & Career Opportunities / Research Opportunities

This course is the latest course and starts enrolling students from 2020 – 2021 session. Following are the opportunities for the graduates of this course:
•This course is designed to place students in software industries and has very high credibility of opportunities in this sector.
•Students also may choose to pursue post-graduation in Computer Application (MCA), or Master of Business Administration (MBA).
•For better career opportunities and training Adamas University has Career Development Cell (CDC) who administer all placement and training related issue. Various seminars and lectures series are organized by CDC to update students about present technology, trend, markets, and opportunities.


50% Overall in 10+2, PCM required, rest as per AICTE

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