TechJagran 2019 is an initiative, by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to provide students a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mind-set of problem solving. At present times, policy making bodies at national level strongly emphasizes upon student driven innovations and start-ups. Keeping this in mind, the Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with Innovation Club presently endeavours to find novel, unique, or even better solutions to the modern day challenges. The young minds would have the opportunity to carry out a threadbare analysis of a set of defined challenges and propose technology enabled realizable and affordable solutions.

Recent Notices
  • Acceptance of proposal has been already sent to participants on their respective mail id.
  • In the selection of winners for Techjagran’2019, Public vote will have a proportionate weightage. Voting rules and instruction will be shared with the audience on the day of event on spot. Students and staff of the ADAMAS University can participate in vote.

• Harness creativity & expertise of students

• Spark institute-level innovations

• Empower the students to join the mainstream ‘Start-up India’ campaign

Techjagran'2019 Themes
  • Academic resource management system
  • Teaching-Learning technology
  • Resource utilization
  • Security & surveillance
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste management
  • Healthcare
  • Smart communication
  • Condition monitoring of machines
  • Alternative fuel
  • Future mobility & Automotive safety
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Crime and Security
Problem statement
  • An automated system to switch off fans, lights, AC and other electric appliances when not in use in class/staff/office rooms. [Theme: Resource Utilization]
  • An academic app to access information on time table, academic calendar, exam schedule, and other academic notifications. [Theme: Academic Resource Management System ]
  • Low cost diagnostic kits. [Theme: Healthcare]
  • Solar operated vehicle to transport goods within the campus. It must include loading and unloading features. [Theme: Renewable Energy ]
  • Condition monitoring of vehicles. [Theme: Condition monitoring of machines]
  • Conversion of waste into low cost fuel. [Theme: Alternative fuel ]
  • Use of waste plastic for Eco-friendly and sustainable construction material. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Management of floral waste by conversion to value-added products. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Recycling of waste floral- An effective steps towards green future. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Management of food waste by conversion of value-added products. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Municipal solid waste Management. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Development of smart toilet system (Auto flashing, switch on/ Off for light and exhaust fan) [Theme:Resource utilization]
  • Development of solar charging system [Theme:Renewable Energy]
  • Fake news identification. [Theme: Machine learning]
  • Field irrigation monitoring system [Theme:Smart Communication]
  • Bio-gas from underground drainage and its commercialization. [Theme:Waste management]
  • Crowd Management system [Theme: Artificial Intelligence]
  • 2-Wheeler passive safety [Theme: Automotive safety]
  • Shared mobility by 2030[Theme: Future mobility]
  • Smart attendance system [Theme: Academic resource management system]
  • Low cost agriculture machinery [Theme: Low cost Machinery]
  • Water lifting system with the help of renewable energy source. [Theme: Resource utilization]
How to participate

1. Each team of students will submit the idea (as per template) (Download Here) on any one Problem Statement through email: techjagran2019@gmail.com

2. Final list of participating teams will be prepared based on a screening of the submitted ideas. Notification about selected proposal will be sent to your respective mail id and will also be announced on the portal.

3. Teams shortlisted through the screening process will register by the due date. Registration link will be provided to you once your proposal is accepted.

4. On the day of the event, teams will exhibit the working models before a panel of judges.


Dr. S. Chaterjee, ME, SoET


Advisory Committee:
  • Dr. Ishtiaq Khan Project Manager, TATA Technologies Ltd.
  • Shri Prantik Sinha Founder, Agastya Buyoant Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shri Tanumoy Roy Founder, MECHATECH.
  • Shri Partha P. Dasmahapatra, Founder & CEO, EzeRx Health Tech.
  • Shri Subendu Basu, AGM –Operations, HEL.
  • Shri Partho Majumdar, Dy. Manager –O&M, JSPL.
  • Shri Anirban Datta Manager –Mechanical, RDS Engg.


Organizing Committee:
  • Mr. R. Kumar, ME, SoET
  • Mrs. S. Chakraborty, ME, SoET
  • Mr. S. Ghosh, ME, SoET
  • Mr. S. Chakraborty, ME, SoET
  • Mr. S. Basak, ME, SoET

Benefits for students:

  • Win attractive cash prizes.
  • Participation certificate for all the registered students.
  • Based upon the feasibility of invention/project , it can be processed for patent filing.
  • Student will get opportunity to commercialize the invention.
  • Empowerment of students to participate in various National/International level competitions.
  • The work can be extended for credit based curricular project.
  • Career highlight for student.
  • Closing date for proposal submission: 9th November 2019
  • Intimation for acceptance of Proposal: 12th November 2019
  • Registration deadline (only for those student whose proposal has been accepted): 15th November 2019
  • Techjagran’ 2019: 29th November 2019
  • There is no Registration fee.
  • Proposal/Idea as per prescribed template should be submitted in the form of self-explanatory write-up through email: techjagran2019@gmail.com
  • A project group can consist any number of participants.
  • Students from different branches may form a team.
  • Due dates should be strictly followed.
  • Model/prototype is to be developed by the participating team at their own expenses. There is no provision for funding by Techjagran.
  • You may keep a track of all the latest notifications and updates through the weblink http://engineering.adamasuniversity.ac.in/techjagran-2019/
  • All the communication with the participants will be done through your mail id only.
  • Screening of proposal will include potential of proposal to reach the objective, novelty of the submitted idea, complexity, feasibility, practicability, sustainability and clarity & details in the prescribed format. you cannot challenge the decision of screening committee.
  • The Decision of the TechJagran’2019 organizing committee will be final and binding in case of any dispute.

Innovative Proposals


1. Smart energy efficient class room.
2. Magnetoresistive vehicle Detector.
3. Durable bricks
4. Artificial intelligence driven clinical trial.
5. EBONY & IVORY: An Ultradry Charcoal Based Tooth Cleansing Tablet.
6. Hydroponics for sustainable agro practice.
7. Managing waste in an eco-friendly and a sustainable way.
8. Recycling of Waste Floral – An Effective Step towards the Green Future.
9. Fabrication of low cost briquetting Machine.
10. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Ram Pump.
11. Ploughing Machine for efficient cultivation.
12. Electrical appliance automation.
13. Cloud Storage at your reach.
14. Dual Attendance System using Facial Recognition and RFID.
15. Engine oil monitoring system for two wheelers.
16. Thermocouple based dual purpose cooling and heating pad in first aid system for skeleto-muscular injury.
17. Environmentally Benign Future Technology for CO2 Capture, Storage and Transportation.
18. Use of Waste Plastic for Eco-friendly and Sustainable Construction Material.
19. Extraction of Cellulose from Cow Dung for producing homemade paper.

email: techjagran2019@gmail.com

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