What Is EQ ?

EQ, also known as Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient, which deals with individuals who has the capability to recognise their own emotions, and also of others. It depends on individual’s ability to identify, evaluate, control or express emotions as per their own self. People with high emotional capability, usually make great team leaders, and can process out in any given circumstances. Moreover their ability to understand, connect or empathize with other people, makes them stand out from the crowd. Some research states that Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of job performance and that 90% of top performers have high EQ. So what is this ornate word we are calling “EQ”?


Benefits of EQ labs:

In any school, college or work environment, Emotional Intelligence is considered as the highest communicative network amongst the peer groups. It helps to develop to develop students to recognise their own self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, creativity, empathy and relationship skills. Therefore it is the gateway to better learning, friendships, academic success and employment.

The course will broadly cover three important skills:
  • Communications, collaborations and Information skills.
  • Creative and Innovative Thinking.
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Global Citizenship.


The SOET department of Adamas University has newly introduced EQ Labs as a part of students’ curriculum. The aforementioned skills would be inculcated in students with agreeable activities and videos. The target of this freshly introduced course is to make students interview ready. Students should be able to bag a job with the completion of Adamas’ EQ Labs course. The focus here is to:

  • Keep students engaged.
  • Throw real life activities like ADA-TEDx sessions, Problem Solving game, Piranha Tank challenge.
  • Inculcate abovementioned skills with evenly distributed handouts.
  • Condition students to pick up these skills through repeated exercises, videos, photos and Google Forms.


Adamas University aims to see its student soar high. The objective is to see its pupil with good employment. The introduction of EQ Labs targets to groom students and prepare them for interviews, exposure and jobs. By the end of four year, students should be fluent in speaking and writing skills, collaboration, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship!

How is it a noble idea?

EQ is considered to be the basic core, or the root of a curriculum. It focuses on the potentiality of a particular person, and further enhances to be a better human being. In this, world everybody has got the right to make their own choice. But somehow, with wrong advisory, or through improper guidance we tend to choose difficult paths. But, with the exposure of Emotional Intelligence, the vision gets cleared. It gives children the tool and skills to make their own choice in their lives that have positive and productive outcome, and help them with their lateral thinking process.