Prof Ajay Kumar Chattopadhyay former Professor of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur did his Bachelor, Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University. His field of specialization is Manufacturing Science and Engineering with particular reference to Machine Tools, Machining, Grinding, Surface Coating. Prof Chattopadhyay served as faculty member of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University and IIT Kharagpur during November 1980 to February 1986. Following this, he worked as scientific collaborator at Swiss Centre of Electronics and Micro Technology (CSEM) in Switzerland for about eight years and was engaged in R & D concerning application of CVD and PVD coatings in tribology and metal-ceramic joining. He was responsible for development of high performance diamond and cBN grinding wheel by precision brazing. Based on his R&D work two US patent were granted ‘on CVD coatings on cBN abrasive grains’. He received award for innovation in cBN grinding wheel in the competition “Switzerland Focusing on Innovation” 1992 while working at CSEM in Switzerland.

His current research interest includes design of coating architecture for cutting tool for specific machining task, wear mechanism of coating in high speed machining, coating for micro cutting tool, diamond and cBN wheel for high efficiency deep grinding. He also works in close association with cutting tool and grinding wheel manufactures.